Our Solution


Our solution is an adaptive menu of microservices. This cost-effective alternative to large-scale systems doesn’t charge for services not used. Plus, it's backed by InComm Payments' two-plus decades of integration experience, ensuring existing services, vendors and food safety solutions interface within the final design.


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Our Journey


We're just beginning to explore food safety solutions. Consumer needs will drive our use cases over the next five years; with so many exciting areas to investigate, the future is bright.

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Food Safety Innovation


Go Studio has leveraged its wide array of core technologies to successfully develop a Food Safety proof of concept for asset management tracking of dairy products utilizing a blockchain platform. The solution uses Code 128 barcodes to initiate and track lifecycle events of raw materials and manufactured goods including status and unit-specific details as they move through the supply chain. Upon each scan, information is transmitted via APIs to a cloud-hosted permissioned blockchain and validated across multiple nodes. With each transaction building on the last, the immutability of the data ensures its integrity, thus increasing consumer trust and brand value.


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