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Go Studio drives disruptive emerging tech in bold new directions through spirited collaboration, concentrated research, and flawless execution.

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Go Studio is an innovation consultancy that brings a lean startup model and enterprise-level assets together to solve clients’ unique challenges. Today’s technology moves at the speed of light, so you need an innovation partner like Go Studio to stay ahead of the curve. We tackle the problems of today, tomorrow and the future by bringing together a diverse team of highly skilled professionals along with a host of innovation tools. Our promise to you is world-class services and support with a unique focus on growing your business as markets and strategies evolve.

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Our Framework

Whether from our physical studio space in Atlanta or remote collaborations across the globe, we seek innovative tech solutions that meet real consumer needs. We move fast, pivot faster, and stay on the pulse of today’s consumers. Leveraging innovation tools like problem framing and design thinking, we are able to dig deep into those wants and needs and respond with beneficial solutions. While emerging technology is a key component of what we do, our critical first step is empathizing with users through one-on-one interviews, round tables and other valuable research, keeping one big question in mind: “How might we solve this problem?” We leverage all assets available to the studio including partners, universities, employees and so much more to build not only solutions but new ways of thinking. Our technology experts are introduced once we have a vision in mind, bringing projects to life in the form of varying fidelity proofs-of-concept.

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What’s New AT Go Studio

Hackathons, workshops, speakers ... we’ve got a full slate ahead. Go Studio’s events connect employees, partners, university systems, and tech-minded peers in innovative ways that spread knowledge, enhance networks and keep us all striving towards new, inclusive, end-user focused solutions.

Our latest endeavor, the Spark by Go Studio Speaker Series, is continually bringing technology experts into the studio for live talks that engage, educate, and inspire anyone looking to push the boundaries of emerging tech. Here’s how you can tune in to the Studio’s next events:

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Go Studio’s focus is forward-thinking innovation. Whether we’re solving challenges for today, tomorrow, or three, five or ten years in the future, we explore solutions that bring real value and live ahead of the curve.

Be it harnessing blockchain for inventory tracking or automating home maintenance with IoT, we’re working with the soon-to-be latest and greatest adaptable technology, developing the foundation for long-lasting, impactful solutions.

Augmented Reality

One technology heating up the retail landscape is augmented reality, which provides the ability to overlay virtual components on the physical world. Tapping into the estimated half-a-billion-plus AR-enabled mobile device cameras on the market, Go Studio is able to provide a personal, immersive in-store experience to consumers like never before.

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Go Studio builds connections wherever challenges arise. Our physical space is filled with emerging tech props demonstrating the solutions we’re seeking; it’s the perfect setting for a workshop or brainstorm session. Our team is global, connecting digitally or traveling for hands-on research or partner collaboration. Wherever you are, we’re ready to connect.

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