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Go Studio drives disruptive emerging tech in bold new directions through spirited collaboration, concentrated research, and flawless execution.

Our focus is the future; follow us as we anticipate the innovations that will shape the consumer experience years down the road.


What's New at Go Studio

What we'll offer:

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Cutting-Edge Research

A clear vision of today's innovation ecosystem to explore the future of InComm and our partners

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Innovation Workshops

Sessions leveraging our vast experience with a range of technologies to facilitate thought leadership

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Solution Definitions

Helping organizations design an emerging tech-based solution, define KPIs, and arrive at desired outcomes

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Developing minimum viable product for testing new tech features and theories and determining feasibility

We will lead innovation from start to finish, managing the three phases of Ideation, where a spark of an idea is reviewed and validated by our innovation council, Conceptualization, where ideas are tested for feasibility and scalability and projects are piloted, and Commercialization, where findings or projects are handed off to the appropriate constituents once viability is determined.


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We seek inspiration everywhere. Using a hub and spoke model, we’ll ideate internally and externally. Connecting employees, partners, university systems, and tech-minded peers, we’ll be leveraging every resource we can to learn more, create more, and do more – putting the end-user first as we strive toward inclusive, convenient technology that continuously meets and exceeds evolving customer expectations.


And that effort will be far from limited to our Atlanta studio. Our team is mobile and adaptable; we’ll travel globally to solve challenges and gain insight wherever opportunities arise. We’re always on the Go.

Rent the Space

The Space

Come take a tour, collaborate on a challenge, or even host an event. Located conveniently in the heart of downtown Atlanta, our dynamic workspace is a FinTech sandbox built for working smart and moving fast. We've even got a few surprises in store.


Our high-tech space is open to possibilities.




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